Dr. Ted Fisher
Actor John Amplas
Appearance Day of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Dr. Ted Fisher is a survivor of the undead apocalypse.


About a year after the zombie outbreak, Dr. Fisher is one of the remnants of the US military hiding out with several others in an underground complex while zombies overrun the surface world.

Fischer demands that Rhodes give him and Dr. Logan sterile conditions in which to conduct better research, but Rhodes denies them this. Fischer at first thinks that Logan's attempts to domesticate zombies is a waste of time, until he and Sarah see how well Bub has been trained.

When Fisher and the others discover that Logan has been feeding Bub Miller and Johnson's remains, Rhodes takes Sarah, John, Bill and Fischer hostage. When John refuses to fly Rhodes and his men out of the complex, Rhodes shoots Fisher in the head to make an example out of him. His corpse is later seen being devoured.