Actor Lori Cardille
Appearance Day of the Dead
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Sarah is a survivor of the undead apocalypse.


About a year after the zombie outbreak, Sarah is one of the remnants of the US military hiding out with several others in the Seminole Storage Facility while zombies overrun the surface world.

One day, Sarah and Miguel, search a zombie-infested Fort Myers for survivors, without success.

They return in their almost-empty helicopter to base, where Sarah and Miguel are asked to capture two more zombie specimens from the infested caves. Steel and Rickles frequently harass Sarah, much to her anger.

Sarah later enters Dr. Logan's lab to inform him of the meeting Rhodes has scheduled, to find Logan performing gruesome experiments on zombies and corpses, including that of Major Coopers. During a bickering in the meeting, Sarah gets up to leave, but Rhodes threatens to shoot her.

That night, Sarah has a nightmare in which Miguel's chest is surgically opened up. When she wakes up to Miguel hassling her about her nightmares which she is keeping secret, Sarah snaps and screams at Miguel to leave the room. She wanders the halls of the complex, narrowly avoiding a scuffle between the soldiers, and she and McDermott head back to the "Ritz," where John serves Sarah several drinks.

After, John, believing the zombie plague to be a divine punishment with no cure, urges Sarah to abandon the research with him and escape the complex before the soldiers become unstable enough to try to kill them.

The next day, Sarah finds Logan and the other scientists trying to use meat to domesticate zombies. When a captured zombie kills Miller and Johnson, Sarah kills the zombie, but not before a chain of events results in Miguel being knocked out by Sarah. Sarah then amputates Miguel's bitten arm to try and stop him from turning. Rhodes then declares that all the specimens will be destroyed tomorrow and the research stopped, and Sarah finally breaks down, but is comforted by John.

Sarah and Bill return to the lab to get supplies for Miguel, and find Logan has reanimated Johnson's decapitated head. As the two see Logan feed Bub human remains, the soldiers appear behind them and kill Logan.

Rhodes, now completely insane, then has Sarah and Billy lowered into the cages leading into the zombie-infested caves. However, the power then goes out, and Sarah, John and Billy escape to the silo.

They exit the complex, and narrowly escape a horde of approaching zombies aboard the helicopter, and escape to a mysterious island then was happy.