Actor Heidi Hinzman
Appearance Night of the Living Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition
Death Killed when the Diner is attacked by the zombies (alive).
Shot by a hunter at the graveyard (undead).
Status Deacesed
Ethnicity Caucasian
  Rosie is a character portrayed by Heidi Hinzman in Night of the Living Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition.

Biography Edit

Alive Edit

  When she was alive, she used to work at Beekman's Diner as a Waitress. When the Diner was attacked and cornered by the zombies, she was killed.

Undead Edit

  Reanimated, she roamed the streets of the city. She ate a dead driver alongside several zombie passengers.

  Outside the Farmhouse, Rosie reappeared and ate Judy and Tom's remains after the truck explosion. The next day, Rosie is seen roaming the graveyard. There, she is shot dead by Reverend Hicks' group of hunters.