Patrick O'Flynn
Patrick O'Flynn
Actor Kenneth Welsh
Appearance Survival of the Dead
Status Undead
Ethnicity Irish-American

Patrick O'Flynn is a member of the O'Flynn family on Plum Island, and a survivor of the undead apocalypse.


When the zombie outbreak occurs, Patrick and a posse of the O'Flynns kill most of the zombies on Plum Island and learn that the rival Muldoons are keeping their undead loved ones alive until a cure is found. Patrick and Seamus Muldoon, leader of the Muldoon family, have a brief standoff which ends with Patrick and the O'Flynns being exiled.

Three weeks later, Patrick and a group of other O'Flynns attack Nicotine Crockett and his group at the docks of Delaware. When the entire group except Patrick is killed by an attacking horde of zombies, Patrick jumps aboard the leaving ferry with the soldiers, and the group and him declare a shaky truce.

Patrick and the group eventually arrive on Plum Island, where they find that the Muldoons have been feeding their captive zombies the living survivors that Patrick sends to the island. Patrick is so disgusted by this, he goes into town to gather some O'Flynns who did not leave the island. Patrick and the soldiers are then attacked, and Kenny is killed. Patrick shoots Kenny's corpse in the head to prevent reanimation, and heads off.

Crockett, Boy and Janet join Patrick's group in the battle against the Muldoons. A standoff between the two families occurs at the bridge separating their land, and the O'Flynns are captured.

Patrick and Seamus face off, and Seamus tries to use Jane, Patrick's undead daughter, to prove Patrick wrong that the zombies are not people anymore. A vicious gunfight erupts between the O'Flynns and the Muldoons. Seamus and Patrick, each with one bullet left in their guns, try to declare a truce which Muldoon immediately breaks by shooting Patrick in the back. Dying, Patrick uses a hidden gun to kill Muldoon and Janet (mistaking the latter for her undead twin).

Patrick then dies and reanimates. The zombified Patrick and Muldoon try to kill each other once more, unaware that their guns are empty.