Actor Bruce McFee
Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Mulligan is one of the residents of Fiddler's Green.


When the undead apocalypse occurred, Mulligan and his son survived by escaping to the heavily protected Fiddler's Green. There they, like many others, lived on the streets in poverty.

Mulligan, formerly a supply-runner, attempted to inspire the poor of the city to rebel against Kaufman, for which he is arrested. He somehow escaped or was released from jail, and he and his son both survived the zombie attack on the city.

After the zombie hordes either leave the city, or are killed by Dead Reckoning, Mulligan plans to rebuild the city, free of Kaufman's tyranny. He offers for Riley and his group to stay and help them, but Riley kindly declines before leaving the city.