Actor Tony Nappo
Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Foxy is one of Cholo DeMora's group who held Fiddler's Green for ransom.


Foxy is among Cholo's group who plot to steal Dead Reckoning and hold Fiddler's Green for ransom. When the vehicle is left unguarded, the group successfully steals the vehicle and take it to a remote location outside the city.

Riley, Slack and Charlie eventually locate Dead Reckoning, but are captured by Cholo. However, Riley pushes Cholo out of Dead Reckoning and Foxy and Cholo's group is captured. When Fiddler's Green comes under attack from Big Daddy's zombie army, Riley gives Cholo and Foxy ammunition and Cholo and Foxy leave in Riley's jeep into the wilderness.

On the dilapidated outskirts of the city, a zombie attacks Cholo and Foxy and manages to bite Cholo before the latter kills it. Foxy offers to kill Cholo to prevent him from turning, but Cholo declines, as he's "always wanted to know how the other side lives." On Cholo's orders, Foxy leaves him at an abandoned garage to turn, then drives off without him.

His fate is unknown.