Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning is the name of an Anti-Dead vehicle, designed by Riley Denbo and sponsored by Paul Kaufman.

Land of the Dead (2005)Edit

Dead Reckoning was designed for movement within Zombie infested areas, no matter how densely populated the locations were. It serves those at Fiddlers's Green who are responsible for procuring supplies within towns that are usually never safe for those who aren't zombies. It was commanded by it's designer Riley Denbo and his second in command Cholo DeMora before both retired. Cholo would later steal Dead Reckoning and threaten Fiddler's Green with it if it's ruler Paul Kaufman doesn't pay his demanded ransom of $5,000,000 dollars.

Kaufman sent Riley and Charlie Houk to stop Cholo and reclaim Dead Reckoning before any harm could befall Fiddler's Green. Doing so, Riley managed to take back Dead Reckoning and returned to a Zombie-infested Fiddler's Green where the upper-class of the outpost was dead, but the underclass-citizens had survived. After a farewell with their leader Mulligan, Riley and the others drive Dead Reckoning away.

Technical ReadoutEdit

Dead Reckoning is a heavily modified and custom made Semi truck designed solely for protecting humans against zombies. It is heavily armed and armored, able of withstand any attacks that zombies try to utilize. A vehicle like this is designed with a variety of different weapons and equipment.

  • Dual-Mounted Miniguns: A major innovation for Dead Reckoning is it's pair of remote controlled miniguns that can rotate to any targets that are in front of Dead Reckoning. They are controlled inside by it's crew.
  • Side-Mounted M-60D Machine Guns: When the front mounted miniguns are not able to take on enemies on the sides, there are two manned M-60D machine guns that are mounted on each side.
  • "6 Pack" Rocket Launchers: On top of Dead Reckoning are a pair of rocket launchers nicknamed "6 Pack" due to the fact that there are 6 rockets in each tube. The rockets are powerful enough to cause a great deal of damage, although this was never fully seen.
  • Firework "Sky Flower" Launcher: A non-lethal weapon, Dead Reckoning has a launcher designed specifically to launch custom made rounds that dispurse fireworks when launched. They are only used by the crew to distract zombies while survivors procure supplies.
  • Advanced Computer Systems: Dead Reckoning has also been outfitted with advanced computer systems featuring targeting capabilities and even map displays of various locations. The computers also give the crew visual feeds from cameras mounted outside of Dead Reckoning.