Cholo DeMora
Actor John Leguizamo
Appearance Land of the Dead
First Appearance Land of the Dead
Last Appearance Land of the Dead
Status Dead
Ethnicity Hispanic Columbian-American

Cholo DeMora is one of the men responsible for bringing supplies into the Philadelphia Outpost.


Besides his official work to gain supplies by scavenging the area, he also works as a "cleaner" for Paul Kaufman, disposing his enemies and dump their bodies. While searching a neighbouring village for supplies, Cholo and his group, despite Riley's urges, go to search a store for alcohol to sell on the streets, and Mike is bitten by an undead cop.

While Riley and Cholo argue over Mike's fate, he takes the zombie-cops revolver and blows his own brains out. Cholo and the others then return to the city. Having finally gained much money, Cholo visits Kaufman to request that he be allowed to retire into Kaufman's residence "Fiddler's Green" where the privileged inhabitants of the outpost live. However, Kaufman refuses to allow Cholo to get his own place there and has an enraged Cholo removed.

The guard tries to kill Cholo in the stairwell, but Cholo knocks the guard out, and due to this betrayal, he finally loses his patience. Cholo, Foxy, Pretty Boy and Mouse decide to steal Dead Reckoning and hold Kaufman for ransom.

When the assault on the Philadelphia Outpost occurs, Dead Reckoning is left unguarded, allowing Cholo and his group to steal it and move it to a remote location outside the city. Cholo calls Kaufman and demands the five million dollars Kaufman owes him be transported to Mouse at the port, or he will use Dead Reckoning to destroy Fiddler's Green.

Riley, Slack and Charlie eventually locate Dead Reckoning, but are captured by Cholo. However, Riley pushes Cholo out of Dead Reckoning and Cholo's group is captured. When the outpost comes under attack from Big Daddy's zombie army, Riley gives Cholo and Foxy ammunition and Cholo and Foxy leave in Riley's jeep into the wilderness.

On the dilapidated outskirts of the city, a zombie attacks Cholo and Foxy and manages to bite Cholo before the latter kills it. Foxy offers to kill Cholo to prevent him from turning, but Cholo declines, as he's "always wanted to know how the other side lives." On Cholo's orders, Foxy leaves him at an abandoned garage to turn.

Cholo eventually died from the zombie bite, reanimated, and appeared in Fiddler's Green. Already zombified Cholo attacks and attempts to devour Kaufman, who was trying to flee, in the garage. However, before he can, Big Daddy causes a gas explosion that kills both Cholo and Kaufman.