Cemetery Zombie
Actor S. William Hinzman
Appearance Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

The "Cemetery Zombie" is one of the unburied dead who reanimated during the beginning of the undead apocalypse. He is the first zombie to appear in the entire series.


Sometime during the first three days of the undead apocalypse, this man died and reanimated into a zombie. The Cemetery Zombie roams a cemetery, where he encounters Johnny and Barbara. He attacks Barbara, causing Johnny to try and fight the zombie off. However, during the struggle, Johnny and the zombie fall to the ground, and Johnny smashes his head on a nearby tombstone.

The zombie then pursues Barbara to a Pennsylvanian farmhouse, where he and a horde of other zombies try to break in and get to the humans inside.

The Cemetery Zombie was apparently killed by a posse the next morning, and is cremated alongside Ben.


  • The Cemetery Zombie was something of an abnormality among his kind; He moved much faster than most other zombies who have appeared after him, although the exact reason is unknown. He also did not attempt to consume Johnny after seemingly killing him.
  • He is also the first zombie shown using some form of a tool (in his case a rock), implying he was a somewhat intelligent zombie.