Actor Devon Bostick
Appearance Survival of the Dead
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Boy is a survivor of the undead apocalypse.


During the undead apocalypse, Boy joins Crockett's rogue group. Some time after, Boy and the rogue soldiers meet some fellow zombie-killers, but are forced to kill them when they try to kill the group. Through an Internet video from Patrick O'Flynn, they learn of Plum Island, and decide to head there.

While they are boarding a ferry on the docks of Delaware, they are attacked by zombies and the O'Flynns, but escape to Plum Island with Patrick. When Crockett, his group and Patrick arrive on the island, they find that the Muldoons have placed the zombified former friends and neighbours in imitations of their former lives.

Crockett, Francisco, Boy and Tomboy escape to a meeting house, where Boy stitches up Crockett's gunshot wounds, and later join the O'Flynns in an attack on the Muldoons. During the attack, the Muldoons capture Crockett and the O'Flynns and push Boy and Janet off into the forest. Janet and Boy later return and release Crockett and the others and give back their weapons.

After the O'Flynns and Muldoons have a vicious standoff, Crockett and his group become so disgusted and fed up with all the death on Plum Island, they immediately leave on the ferry.